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Welcome to Inner Mongolia Kangfa Electromechanical Engineering Equipment Co., LTD

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Company profile

Inner Mongolia Kangfa electromechanical Engineering Equipment Co., LTDLocated in the beautiful Qingcheng Hohhot city, is a professional engaged in diesel generator set sales and service enterprises。The company was founded in 2001, the diesel generator set sold are Cummins original products, is the United States Cummins in Inner Mongolia designated authorized sales, after-sales service agents。In addition, the company also contracted generator set supporting projects, such as: unit parallel, ATS switching cabinet installation, distribution system supply, transmission cable laying, machine room design and transformation, machine room noise reduction。In particular, the noise reduction project of the computer room has reached the relevant requirements and standards of the national environmental protection management department。
Founded in February 1919 and headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, the company serves customers worldwide through more than 600 distribution offices and more than 6,000 dealer networks in more than 190 countries and territories。Cummins global factory mainly has the UK factory, the United States factory, India factory and China Wuhan factory。Cummins series diesel generator set products reflect the comprehensive advantages of Cummins products, the main components of the unit - engine, alternator, control system and switch, are independently designed and manufactured by Cummins company。This method of production means that every component of the generator set is designed to work harmoniously for the whole unit from the beginning, so that the generator set has good coordination, compatibility and higher reliability and safety。
For more than ten years, the high-quality diesel generator sets sold by the company have been widely used in mining, electricity, communications, finance, postal, airport, petroleum, high-rise buildings, metallurgy, administration and other enterprises and institutions。
The company has 5 million spare parts warehouse in Jinchuan Development Zone of Hohhot City, and has sufficient spot diesel generator sets and common maintenance spare parts, including various models of diesel filters, oil filters, water filters, air filters, controllers, circuit boards, etc., for the maintenance of the unit。There are many engineers who have been trained and certified and have more than ten years of professional experience in diesel generator equipment maintenance, and can provide customers with after-sales maintenance, fault diagnosis, replacement of spare parts, and overhaul of various brands of diesel generator sets。
Since its founding, the company has developed into a comprehensive, diversified and fully functional today, and has always adhered to the guiding ideology of good service and reputation first。
Company Services:
Technical services: free to send technical personnel to the site for technical guidance, to assist in the design of the computer room, free debugging, free for users to develop training plans, (factory or site) training operators。
Spare parts service: provide some wearing parts for free during the three guarantee period, and provide spare parts and technical support for a long time outside the three guarantee period。
Maintenance services: perfect user information system;Unit maintenance for customers on behalf of the original factory;7*24 hours after-sales service hotline 0471-6905895 15049189980;Arrive at the user's site within 12 hours (within 1 hour in the city);Troubleshooting within 24 hours;When the client holds a major event,Technicians are available 24 hours a day。

At present, our company has become the largest diesel generator seller in the northern region, and has become the choice of the three communication industries of mobile, telecommunications and Unicom in Inner Mongolia in terms of generator maintenance services。In the process of cooperation with customers, we always do urgent customers, always stand in the customer's perspective for customer consideration, and constantly improve their own service level at the same time, with customers to grow together, common progress, the company's service level to a higher。

The wide application of diesel units sold by Inner Mongolia Kangfa:
1.Mining industry
Weijiamao coal mine, Shenhua Xuejiawan open pit mine, Datang Shengli mine
2.Electric power system
Gansu Yongchang Power plant, Inner Mongolia Wustai Power Plant, Daqing Xinhua Power Plant
3.Communication industry
Inner Mongolia Telecom, Inner Mongolia Mobile, Inner Mongolia Unicom
4.Financial institution
Inner Mongolia Construction Bank, Inner Mongolia Bank, Inner Mongolia Agricultural Bank

Corporate culture

Technology as the guide, quality as the fundamental

To survive by the market, to strive for development


There has to be a result to what happened today

Have a plan for tomorrow

Hard things have a way

Carry forward the team spirit and work together

Establish an overall perspective and share joys and sorrows


Make the enterprise a sustainable development enterprise

Make the enterprise become the user's true friend

Make the enterprise a paradise for employees to develop themselves


The prosperity of the enterprise comes from: brand, quality, price, service, safety

Three satisfaction: customer satisfaction, company satisfaction, I am satisfied

Conduct: Report, exchange, negotiation

Follow: Tidy, rectify, sweep, clean, etiquette

Improvement: Quality, efficiency, effectiveness

Awareness: Good quality, customer first, establish brand belief, strive to reduce costs, comply with the contract

Passion: Company, collective, work, colleagues, diligent, dedicated, refined, creative

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Inner Mongolia Company Address: Room 1114, Building B, Yindu Building, 71 West University Road, Huimin District, Hohhot City
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